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Upcoming Events

February 13-17      Vision Screening - Auditorium

February 20           SCHOOL CLOSED - President's Day

February 24           Student Assembly - Auditorium



See the Calendar for all upcoming events 


Hello Dana Middle School Community,
Dana Middle School suffered an unexpected power outage on Friday, February 17, at approximately 2:00pm, due to extreme weather conditions.
The power outage impacted all electricity and telephone communication.
Please be aware that when the power went out emergency procedures were implemented immediately, including processes to ensure student accountability, supervision, and safety.
All students were responsive and supportive of the situation, and all staff behaved professionally and responsibly.
Please talk to your student regarding this event, and communicate how impressed I am by the way in which all students responded to this unexpected situation.
Because all telephone communication was cut off, a telephone message was not sent during the emergency.
A formal written notification of the event will be sent home with your student on Tuesday, February 21.
Thank you for your support of school procedures and student safety.
Steve Gebhart
Principal, Dana Middle School

Dana News


Parents, Teachers and Students this is the time to bring in your Box Tops for Spring 2017. Please place them in a baggie with your first and last name and grade and turn it into either your Advisory teacher or the main office. Do you know what a Box Top Is? They are Free Money for our school!! Each one is worth 10c. Please go to your kitchen and search for them and cut them off. I challenge EACH student to bring in a minimum of 10. That would equal to $1.00 per student, but together that is over $1600.00 of FREE Money!! Get to it today, and if you can't find 10 then put a few dimes in the baggie. Top 3 in the school will get gift cards to their favorite place. Thank You from- Dana PTO 2016/17


Thank you to all community members that were able to attend the Coffee with the Principal session on Friday, February 3.

It was wonderful to get the opportunity to meet and share information with stakeholders regarding instructional and operational updates at Dana Middle School.

If you did not get to attend, or would like a copy of the information presented, please click the file below for a PDF file of the slides for download.

I look forward to future community engagement events, including the next Pizza with the Principal on March 1, 2017, so mark your calendar now.


Steve Gebhart, Principal


IMPORTANT: Culmination Requirements

Dana Middle School supports the inclusion, academic, and social success of all students. At the conclusion of a student's 8th Grade year, an academic Certification of Completion is earned based solely on a student's academic performance.
Eligibility and participation in the Culmination Ceremony, however, is a privilege that is earned based on specific Culmination requirements.
Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, the eligibility requirements for a student to participate in the Dana Middle School Culmination ceremony will change.
The following is a list of Culmination requirements, pending approval (once approved formal notification will be disseminated):
  • Student must earn at least 50 credits total between the final (20-week) report cards for Fall and Spring semesters of their 8th Grade year.
  • Student must have no more than two "U"s in Work Habits total between the final (20-week) report cards for Fall and Spring semesters of their 8th Grade year.
  • Student must have no more than two "U"s in Cooperation total between the final (20-week) report cards for Fall and Spring semesters of their 8th Grade year.
  • Student must clear all library fines and return all class textbooks.
  • Student must have no outstanding discipline consequences (detention, Friday School, restorative requirements, intervention group make-up, etc.)
  • Student must have no major school rule infractions, as determined and notified to the student and parent by the Principal or other Administrative Designee.
Any student not meeting the Culmination requirements as stated above will be notified within 7 days of the Culmination ceremony.
Any appeal of the denial of participation in the Culmination ceremony must be submitted in writing, to the Dana Middle School Principal, within 4 days of the Culmination ceremony.  Appeal forms are available in the Dana Middle School Main Office.
Thank you to all stakeholders for supporting a meaningful Culmination ceremony.

2016-2017 Top 10 Readers

Readers   Total Words Read

1) Emerson Marquez (23)

2) Samantha Brown

3) Efrain Marquez

4) Andrew McCarthy 

5) Enrique Terrones 

6) Travis Crane 

7) Ethan Leyden 

8) Hanna Murusic 

9) Ian Thush

10) Isabella Rackemann

(#) Weeks at number 1












(Updated 2/13/17)

Top Ten Typists

Typists AWPM @ 90+ Accuracy

1) Baltazar Fedalizo (1)

2) Kaishuu Tanaka (4)

3) Michael Hannah

4) Nicholas Alexander

5) William Godwin

5) Ryan Garcia

7) Trinity Bland

8) Lorelei Dalton

8) Valerie Torres

10) Steven Monje

(#) Weeks at number 1











(Updated 2/13/17)

Top 8 Khan Coding Students


Current Section Progress 

1) Brandon Hay (18)

2) Henry Martinez

2) Logan Serna

2) Anna Katsevich

5) Joaquin Rogan

5) Katelyn Chaves

5) Matthew Lecona

5) Noah Bader

(#) Weeks at number 1

JS #15: Objects

JS #14: Arrays

JS #14: Arrays

JS #14: Arrays

JS #10: Logic & Statements

JS #10: Logic & Statements

JS #10: Logic & Statements

JS #10: Logic & Statements

(Updated 12/16/16)

Add as Coach in Khan Academy to participate.

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Today: 2/19/17
2:00 PM Box Tops Drive

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