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Reading Counts


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The Language Arts and ESL Departments at Dana Middle School believe that reading is the single most important activity in the development of language usage.  All students at Dana participate in a reading incentive program called Reading Counts.


Each student will take the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) test on the computer. The computer will assess the student’s comprehension and give him/her a Lexile score.  The Lexile score is from BR (beginning reader) through 1500 (a college post-graduate).  Middle school students should be reading at a Lexile between 600 - 1100.


Most of Dana’s library books have a Lexile within the 600 to 1100 range.  This helps the student choose a book on his/her reading level.  Each book has a point value between 1 to 125.  The point value is based on the difficulty of the ideas and the amount of words in the book.  After the student reads a book, then s/he can take a computer test.  This test is part of a software program called Reading Counts.  The computer tests are available at Dana’s library and in many classrooms.  Students can check to see if there is a computer test for a book by checking the Students section of the Dana Middle School website and clicking on Reading Counts.





When students reach a million words read for the year, they become members of the Millionaire’s Club and are acknowledged by having their ‘star’ in the library.


 Parent Commitment:   I have read and agree to support and monitor my child’s progress in meeting the Dana Reading Counts requirements: 


  1. Reading points earned must be on books read during the current semester.
  2. A student may not retake a test that s/he has passed during his/her time at Dana.
  3. A student may only take one test a day. If more than one test is taken per day, points are erased.
  4. A student is required to show his/her ID card, lunch card, or student planner as identification to take a test.
  5. A student is allowed three attempts on different days to pass a test on any one book.
  6. Any student found cheating or helping another student cheat will lose all points earned before the incident.




Every five (5) week marking period


      A            B          C          D       FAIL

      25         20        15        10        0-9


*Reading Counts points are up to 10% of a student’s language arts grade.  Points are not cumulative.  Students need to read 25 points for an “A” each 5 week period. The grade will be calculated every five week marking period.



The state of California suggests that each middle school student read one million words a year at his/her reading level. The Reading Counts program keeps track of the number of words that students.