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Academic Grade:  A student’s achievement in each class is determined by a letter grade that is worth grade points. These letter grades are accumulated during the 20 week semester for each class. Each grade is added together and divided by the total number of classes taken to give the students a grade point average (GPA). GPA at Dana is cumulative (all years count). Grades earned at Dana Middle School are as follows:

A = 4.0 pts,

B = 3.0 pts,

C = 2.0 pts,

D = 1.0 pts, or

F = 0 pts. 

These grades are based on the following: 

  1. Quality of Work
  2. Interpretation and application of facts, concepts, and principles of the subject
  3. Originality, initiative, and reasoning
  4. Quantity of completed class and homework (effort is important here)
  5. Meeting the standards of the course/subject


Work Habits Grade:  This mark is based on effort, responsibility, attendance, completion of assignments, and evaluation.  This grade is determined by a mark of E for Excellent, S for Satisfactory or U for Unsatisfactory.

Cooperation Grade:  This mark is based on courtesy, conduct, improvement, and class relations.  This grade is determined by a mark of E for Excellent, S for Satisfactory or U for Unsatisfactory.