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MSIS to Jupiter Grades

Importing from MSIS

The following are instructions on getting student names into Jupiter Grades:
(make sure the computer you're on has excel...not mandatory though)

Go on MiSiS and click report.  Generate a 5  column report for one 
class.  Once generated, click the export drop down menu then choose Excel as the download method.
Once it's in Excel format, highlight your students ID #'s and Name columns 
and Copy. 

(You can do it from a PDF file, but it can get a little messy since extraneous info gets copied with the names and ID.  Jupiter does seem to do a good job sorting that stuff out though.)

Open a new tab/window and open Jupiter.  Once you are in the period you want to add students to, then click SET UP....then click students. 
Now paste the student's ID and names in the box and click add.  Another box will pop up and ask if this 
is what you want to do.  click OK.

Repeat for each class.

Let me know if you have problems,

John Gottschalk